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Stress Management, Adult Social-Emotional Learning and Wellness Coaching for Educators

We understand the tremendous challenges school staff face every day, nurturing young minds, shaping futures, and navigating a constantly changing educational landscape. At KerriKalm, we believe that taking care of yourself is just as important as caring for others. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive program tailored specifically for educators, focusing on mindfulness based stress reduction and wellness.

Our evidence-based mindfulness practices are designed to help you cultivate resilience, reduce stress, and bring balance back into your life. Through our program, you’ll discover practical techniques that seamlessly integrate into your busy schedule, allowing you to nurture your own mental and emotional well-being, leading to more effective teaching and a happier, healthier you.

How Does This Training Work?

Our expert-led sessions will introduce your school staff to the transformative power of mindfulness. Attendees will learn to be present, cultivate self-awareness, and manage stress effectively. From breathing exercises to body scans, we provide practical techniques that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine.
Wellness Workshops: Our interactive workshops focus on holistic well-being. Explore strategies to enhance your physical health, develop self-care practices, and nurture positive relationships. From nutrition tips to exercise routines, we’ll guide you on the path to total wellness.
Stress Management Tools: Gain valuable insights into stress management techniques specifically tailored for educators. Our program equips you with practical tools to prevent burnout, establish healthy boundaries, and manage challenging situations with grace and composure.
Supportive Community: Through our guided workshop models, you will have the opportunity to share experiences, exchange ideas, and find support. You’ll find solace in knowing you’re not alone and discover new perspectives that inspire growth.

Benefits of

Mindfulness Coaching For Educators

Mindfulness in schools begins with supporting teachers.
Mindfulness can help teachers manage stress and burnout, which are two main factors that contribute to high teacher turnover rates. By practicing mindfulness, teachers can reduce stress levels and improve their emotional regulation, allowing them to handle challenging situations with greater ease and resilience.

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